Campania International Acanthus Riser

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Acanthus Riser by Campania International

The Acanthus Riser is a favorite when it comes to a bit of architectural detail with a pottery layout. This riser is 2-inches across and 3-inches tall and in that small space, it packs an amazing amount of detail. It is the right size for small, medium and large planters

If you need to see a sample of one of Campania finishes, this is the one we love to send you. The Acanthus leaf picks up the stain in a variance of ways to display all the colors brilliantly.

For more technical questions feel free to chat or email us with all your questions.

A little bit of history:

The Acanthus leaf is a well know symbol in design with origins dating back to Ancient Greek and Roman culture. It is a symbol we often see in when touring accent sites in Europe and even in some of American Architecture. The detailed nature of Acanthus leaf drew the appeal of the architects and artisans to the kings of the past. The Acanthus plant itself originates from the Mediterranean area and its beauty still inspires the artisans of today.

Tips for choosing the right number of Risers:

  • The shape of the planter is the main factor.
    • Square - you will need four, one for each side.
    • Rectangle -  four to six, one for each side and for long rectangle planters you may need more support.
    • Round -  three to four. Only three if the planter is small and light weight but four is always best

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