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Frog Statues

Frogs are a wonderful sign of a healthy and happy environment. Frog Statues are a fabulous way to have fun in a garden space or landscape setting, these great Frog Statues have their own character. Choose from a the loveable toad, a fun pair of tree frogs to one of the famous Zen Frog Statues. Campania International has also put together a collection of Frog Statues that humans can relate to, have a sip of Tea with Coffee or maybe a quick game of Chess with Checkmate. The life like Frogs are fun and are sure to be a conversation piece at every get-together. Most of the Frog Statues pictured are in either English Moss or Copper Bronze by Campania International, but there are many other finish options to choose from with their collection. The Frog Statues by Campania International are a great way to add a bit of laughter and fun to any garden setting.