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Time to Get Decorating for the Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is Right Around the Corner

We are just beginning to stock our selection of holiday decorations at Kendall and Everett. From garland, to swags, and mantelpieces, we have it all to help decorate your home for the holidays. 


Advent Calendar Wreath

The Advent Calendar Wreath makes for an exciting new way for Christian families to start their countdown to Christmas. Whether you hang it on your front door or put it by the Christmas Tree, this product will bring excitement to your home.



English Holiday Estate Wreath

The English Holiday Estate Wreath is inspired by Kate and Williams royal wedding. A magnolia wreath featuring hints of boxwood, noble fir, pomegranates and finished off with a tartan bow



Colonial Magnolia Swag

For those who don't want to go the traditional route with a wreath, the Colonial Magnolia Swag is readily available. This popular piece will fit perfect on your front door, creating a very inviting presence. 



All Green Magnolia Swag

We also offer a more simplistic swag, the All Green Magnolia Swag. This swag is made of magnolia leaves features pine cones with a red ribbon. 



Fresh Boxwood Garland

Decorate the exterior of your home with the Fresh Boxwood Garland. While we have several styles of garland, the fresh boxwood is one of our favorites. We offer it in lengths of six and ten feet.


The Original Magnolia Mantelpiece

Decorate your living area with the Original Magnolia Mantelpiece. This piece will go perfect above your fire place to create for a festival holiday ambiance.



Silver Lacquer Wreath

 The Silver Lacquer Wreath is a beautiful magnolia piece decorated with a silver lacquer. We also offer this wreath in red and white.


Shop our Holiday Collection at Kendall and Everett.

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