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How to Make your Garden Fountains Last Longer

How to Make your Garden Fountains Last Longer

Garden fountains are not just great for enhancing the landscape of your compound but also they add a soothing element to the overall ambience of your compound. To maintain their astute look and performance, they require additional care as compared to the indoor water fountains. Below are some tips that you can use to help you enhance the longevity and the performance of your garden fountains:

Secure placement in the gardens

Ensure that the garden fountain is securely placed in an appropriate place and a manner that it won’t be toppled over and get damaged by strong winds. The base should be firmly fixed, if possible with concrete onto the ground, and the basin should also be secured firmly onto the base.

Regular cleaning with compatible cleaners

Garden fountains are made of different materials, and this implies that they will have different kinds of cleaning materials. Ensure that you use cleaners that are compatible with the materials used in making the fountain. Avoid abrasive cleaners as they will in most cases add to the deterioration of the fountains. Additionally, make it a habit of picking leaves and other debris that might fall in the fountain and contaminate the water or stop the smooth flow of the fountain.

Clean the pump regularly

The most vital part of the garden fountain is the water pump. To make the pump last longer and avoid regular breakdowns, it needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. You can use a small soft brush to access hidden corners of the pump to remove any particle that might hinder its smooth operations.

Offer adequate protection during winter

The garden fountains are usually affected by the freezing winter temperatures. It is thus recommended that you dismantle it and keep it indoors until winter is over. If dismantling it is not an option, then empty all the water to avoid it from freezing inside the fountain. Then cover it securely with a tarp until winter is over.


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