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10 Ways to Up Your Outdoor Decor Game

10 Ways to Up Your Outdoor Decor Game

10 Ways to Up Your Outdoor Decor Game

  1. Mimic Your Indoor Style Outside

Just as you know to decorate a den or living room with a rug, sofa, chairs, lighting and accessories, take a similar approach with your outdoor living space. The same elements that make room in the home feel inviting and comfortable will work outside, with some modifications. Instead of a floral scented candle, find high-quality citronella candle in a pretty but durable container. Use throw pillows and cushions made with all-weather material so you won’t have to worry if they get caught in the rain. Marine-grade electronics are usually a good choice if you live somewhere humid or with the crazy weather too.

  1. Be Creative with Furniture

When it comes to the outdoors, many accessories lead double lives. That low cast stone pedestal you’ve been using to prop up a planter? Simply remove the planter and use it as extra seating or as an ottoman. A round fire pit can be covered for protection in the summer and used as a table instead. Use colorful planters to hold silverware and napkins at a buffet dinner or fill them with ice and use as wine buckets. If you need shade, try installing a Treasure Garden Cantilever umbrella that can rotate between two different areas of the yard to meet your needs.

  1. Make an Entrance

Make the entrance of your garden or yard known with an impressive arbor covered in vines or a pair of regal griffons protecting your space. Campania International’s cast stone finials atop pedestals or even large flat rocks will add formality and a rustic touch all at the same time. Statues are a great way to section off a driveway or particular space without adding too much of a border.

  1. Add Unexpected Lighting

Installing outdoor lighting is a worthwhile investment for both safety and to add curb appeal. Try putting lights in unusual places, such as solar fence post caps to guide a path. What about those strands of white lights you forgot to put in the attic after the holidays? Try loosely wrapping the branches of a tree near your outdoor living space to add ambiance without feeling gimmicky. Freestanding garden torches by Fermob also have a nice effect in the evening. Try placing them at a safe distance from your table while enjoying dinner outdoors - they’ll help to keep the bugs away while adding some light.

  1. Don’t be Afraid of Color

One of the best aspects of an outdoor living space is how easily it can be changed with your style, mood or season. Invest in quality furniture but change out cushions and pillows often to keep them fresh and current. The same is true with colorful flowers - use certain colors for specific seasons, such as pinks and purples in the spring, yellow for summer and oranges for fall. Colorful ceramic planters, both large and small, can be placed around the space on table tops or on the ground to add color easily and effectively. For a bold pop of color, colorful French bistro furniture from Fermob packs a punch and is made to last.

  1. Diversify Your Plant Portfolio

When it comes to shape, size, and texture, the best gardens have it all. When working with a landscape designer or doing your planting, make sure you keep it fresh with a variety of shrubs, trees, and other plants. You can make them work in your favor for framing an area, creating a natural sound barrier or division of space and much more. Trees can act as your outdoor architecture, adding natural archways and corners to an area. Topiaries especially look nice planted in French glazed pottery from The Garden Gates. Soft grasses will act as a carpet or a guiding path for a natural flow. Make sure to check which shrubs and trees will do best in your area before getting dirty.

  1. Look for Opportunities

Almost any item can turn into a unique and unusual planter or vase. Old baskets you no longer use indoors, or even a rusty crate that was long forgotten can become a chic rustic plant holder or centerpiece in your outdoor decor. Decorative bowls that have been chipped and well-loved will get a new live as a herb garden or succulent bowl. Small glasses collecting dust in the cabinet will make darling vases for wildflowers, and fresh greens clipped in the backyard. There are so many ways to add charm and a personal touch using items you already have.

  1. Be a Collector

Showcase your favorite varieties of plants and flowers. Change out smaller planters with seasonal annuals and group them together in a special way. If you love pinkish hues, try planting different flower pots in a row of colors from dark to light pink to create an ombre effect. If you like succulents, create a tabletop display for your outdoor living space that will become an eye-catching focal point. Aside from plants, statuary collections are always interesting. Make a space for a few cast stone Buddhas of different sizes and styles for an eclectic Zen retreat in your backyard.

  1. Leave Room for Nature

You can design and decorate almost every aspect of your outdoor living space, but you will have to remember that there are some aspects you cannot control. You can guide Mother Nature, but she also does what she wants. Plants will grow and take over certain areas with the right care, or they might not work at all. Finding a balance in an outdoor space can be trial and error until you find what works best for you and your family. Plan your space with loved ones in mind, especially small children, and pets, so that all can enjoy safely.

  1. Age Gracefully

Don’t worry when your cast stone planters, garden fountains, benches and tables start to turn with age. Their porous surface fondly encourages the greenish growth that will creep up the sides over time. Even some metals will start to oxidize outside, creating a gorgeous patina. Before you start to clean them, remember that this effect is very much desired and will create a stately appearance in your outdoor living space.

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