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Don't Buy A Large Garden Fountain

By Aiden Harris June 03, 2015 0 comments

Don't Buy A Large Garden Fountain

Until You Read This 

Large garden fountains have existed since the early days of Egypt and Persia when garden fountains emerged as a necessity mainly for the Pharaohs . We can tell this was an important part of Egyptian life from the hieroglyphs found on the walls of ancient tombs. Not only did they have practical uses such as for washing, but they were also decorations for formal gardens. Fountains were also used by the Ancient Romans as well, and fountains in the Orient have been a time-honored tradition for centuries.

Now that we have advanced to modern civilization, the fountain has been relegated to a unique decorative piece used as a focal point in any type of garden. It adds an ambiance, serenity and elegance to any size garden. A person can unite with nature while relaxing and enjoying the trickling of water constantly flowing through the system.

Your choice might be a large and dramatic freestanding fountain that rests on its own base. It could be a Buddha Fountain, lion head, or a figure from Greek Mythology. If you are fortunate enough to have a pond there are fountains designed specifically for ponds using the pond water itself for circulation. No pond, no problem. If you don't have a pond you can install one if your garden is large enough and now the pond with the fountain will become the focal point of your backyard. Of course, there is a lot more work involved with this type of project and you need to take into consideration the environment where you live.

Today your choices are vast and shopping for them might be a challenge especially with all the different styles, prices and materials from which to choose. Garden fountains can be constructed from fiberglass, cast iron, stone, copper, ceramic, concrete and even wood. When choosing your fountain you realize you are getting the stripped down model. You will still need to purchase accessories like a pump, pipe, hoses and other miscellaneous attachments to assemble it. There are usually detailed instructions if you are a Do It Yourself (DIY) kind of person but professional help is always available. It is usually only a one-person job.

Once the job is complete, depending on where you live, you may need to consider some sort of protection during the colder months where your fountain could be damaged with snow or ice freezing and breaking the pipes or hoses. You can purchase protective covering to shield it from the elements but you should plan on removing the pump and draining it. By not protecting your fountain it could result in unseemly cracks or create other destructive imperfections.

These larger type fountains are built to make a statement in your garden. They are designed to fit any space.   Although fountains were originally created out of necessity in the early ages today they are an example of beautiful architecture, tranquility and serenity brought to someone's garden. No longer a place to wash or hold town meetings (these were really big fountains!) as was the case in Early Europe. Today's fountains are a decorative reminder of the past placed in a new setting in order to enhance a beautiful new garden.

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