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Canopy Design Lighting

Mar 08, 2015

Beautiful Lighting Influenced by Europe Style

Canopy Designs is a New York based design company with a factory located just outside of Manhattan with stunning handmade lighting, jewelry and accessories for the home.  I was first introduced to the company on a local interior design project that my mom was working on in New Orleans, I was the " helper".  I was intrigued by the beading and detail work of that was put into each piece as they were made by hand.  


Beach Florentine Chandelier by Canopy Design

I was amazed at the detail that went into this piece and the colors that illuminated when the lights were turned on.  Being the helper on a project gives you a different perspective rather than worrying about how it looks, was it the right piece- etc, I just was able to take time and look at each piece as a work of art.  





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