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Getting to Know Kendall & Everett

In the summer of 2015, after their parents closed the retail store, Aiden and Ashton Harris, took their parents' entrepreneurship lead and launched a brand new fully functional online destination featuring the best in Home & Garden decor. has a team of landscape architects, designers, and lifestyle enthusiast that assist customers nationwide.

The history of Kendall & Everett is being written as we speak; it’s constant re-evaluation and brainstorming, we try every day to make The Garden Gates better. It is not enough for us just to be good at what we do or even the best at what we do. It’s about doing things so out of the ordinary that remarkable results are created.  The success in Kendall & Everett resonates in the ingredients of the best team, outstanding products and a community that supports the efforts; our opportunities are endless.

- Ashton Kendall Harris & Aiden Everett Harris

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